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Count Erfit is a Cashbot Contractor who was introduced during the April Toons 2022 event. He can be found in Count Erclaim's Abode on Polar Place. His first appearance was in the 10th Corporate Clash Comic: The April Toons 2022 Comic


Much like the Count Erclaim fight, Toons will need to defeat two different battles. The first being against a group of 5-8 Skelecogs and the second being against Erfit himself. Erfit is a Manager and as such is immune to being sued/fired and will only receive half of the reduction from damage down SOS Cards.


Count Erfit Tiers
Tiers Level Average Erfit Level Erfit Health (1st Phase/2nd Phase)
Tier 1 Toon Levels 1-40 10.mgr v2.0 777 / 1576
Tier 2 Toon Levels 41-50 12.mgr v2.0 1477 / 2996
Tier 3 Toon Levels 51-60 14.mgr v2.0 2177 / 4416
Tier 4 Toon Levels 61-70 16.mgr v2.0 3777 / 7662
Tier 5 Toon Levels 71-79 18.mgr v2.0 5777 / 11719
Tier 6 Toon Level 80 20.mgr v2.0 7777 / 15777


Count Erfit Attacks
Bounce Check


Finger Wag


Freeze Assets






Hydration Check*

(First Hit/Second Hit/Total Damage)


Phase Change*

(Damages Cogs)


Tier 1: Level 10.mgr v2.0 12 12 8 10 25 5/5/10 56
Tier 2: Level 12.mgr v2.0 18 18 13 15 25 7/8/15 120
Tier 3: Level 14.mgr v2.0 24 24 19 21 25 10/10/20 160
Tier 4: Level 16.mgr v2.0 30 31 24 27 25 12/13/25 200
Tier 5: Level 18.mgr v2.0 36 37 30 33 25 15/15/30 240
Tier 6: Level 20.mgr v2.0 42 44 36 39 25 18/18/36 272
Accuracy ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? N/A
Frequency 15 50 20 15 N/A N/A N/A

*Indicates a Cheat move.


Lure Resistance - Count Erfit can only be lured for 2 rounds.

Overcharged - Count Erfit can cause Cogs to become Overcharged once they are Overhealed by 50% of their maximum HP. Overcharged Cogs will be indicated by their health bar and suit light turning purple. Overcharged Cogs will have 2 rounds of Lure Resistance, Manager benefits (sue/fire immunity and reduced damage down effects), and will deal 50% more damage.

Pro-Toon Shake - Erfit will heal the healthiest Cog in battle while damaging himself at the same time each time he attacks. If the healthiest Cog has already been Overhealed by 50% of their max HP he will move on to the next healthiest Cog. Erfit will heal himself if he is the healthiest Cog on the field.

Hydration Check - Every 3 turns, Erfit will attack a random Toon by throwing a Glass of Water at them which sends them flying back into the elevator until the end of the turn. While in the elevator, Toons can't be hit by attacks or be affected by any incoming unites. Once the turn is over, the Toon will fall down into the room taking the rest of the total damage. There is a rare chance that the Toon will pass the Hydration Check. This is signified by the Toon catching the glass of water and healing a total of 8 Laff. If a Toon is solo they will always pass the Hydration Check. Toons targeted by this cheat will gain the Hydrated status effect. This buff will increase the accuracy of their Gags by 15% for 3 turns.

Gains From The Scrap - Erfit will delete the weakest Cog in battle and gain the Ripped status effect. This buff will increase his damage by an additional 2 points each time he does this cheat. Additionally, this cheat will heal any other Cogs apart from Erfit that remain in the fight. Note that Hydration Check will have the additional damage from Ripped split between each hit of the cheat. This cheat occurs every 4 rounds, but can also be triggered whenever 1000 damage is dealt in total by Gags in a single turn. If Gains From The Scrap activates in response to damage, Erfit will be unable to activate it in response to damage again for 4 turns.

Quake - If Erfit does not have any Cog to delete or has already used Gains From The Scrap in the same turn, he will attack all Toons with Quake.

Personal Trainer - Erfit will sacrifice some of his own HP and revive Cogs into the fight. These Cogs will get increasingly higher leveled each time he does this cheat, although they will not always be an Executive Cog. This cheat will trigger 2 turns after a Cog is defeated by the group or taken out by Gains From The Scrap.

Unnamed v2.0 Changes - Unlike normal v2.0s, Erfit's will not transform into a Skelecog after defeating his first phase and will not have less HP. Instead, he will grow in size and be tinted red, also dealing damage to any remaining Cogs. His base health is roughly multiplied by 2 and his attacks will do 40% (1.4x) more damage. All Gags will be able to do 340% (3.4x) damage, but only if they target Count Erfit. Self damage cheats will draw out even more health from usage.



Show/Hide Dialogue

"Welcome to the gym bro! Join in on the groove..."
"I hope you warmed up because it's time to get up and move!"
"Up, down, up, down, follow my lead."
"Get ready for a battle, it's just the workout we need!"
"Can you keep up with my strength and power?"
"Though I warn you, I'm sweaty; I still need a shower!"

"Is that a new gym member, standing before my muscular glory?"
"Let's put you to the test, no time for my life story!"
"We'll start with a warmup, but things are about to get intense!"
"When you want to build up muscle, my workout plan makes sense!"
"Push yourself to the maximum because it's time to feel the pain..."
"Get those gears turning, without it there's no gain!"

"You do know what time it is, right?"
"I hope you aren't too tired for this moonlit fight!"
"I think it's time to get the music going."
"I've got the fans running to keep air flowing!"
"Stretch your legs and move your feet."
"Let's see if you can keep up with the beat!"

Show/Hide Dialogue

Phase Change[]

"Check it, bros. The fight maxed out my arms!"
"My muscles are so huge! It's time to sound the alarms!"
"Get ready for a show, Toon, you'll surely cower."
"Brace yourselves Toons... This is the definition of POWER!"


"I can't believe I've been bested at my game!"
"By a Toon, no less, with no muscles or fame!"
"Well, my bro, I hope this won't be the end."
"Just come back for a rematch, and bring a lazy friend!"

Count Erfit has left the server.

Unique Friend Request Denials[]

  • "Maybe work out a bit more, then come back to me." Count Erfit replies.
  • "Only if you're willing to pay for a gym membership," Count Erfit explains. "A swole Suit like me needs to make a living too."
  • "With those gains? Get lost, Toon." Count Erfit remarks.

Pro-Toon Shake[]

  • "With double the protein power for extra fighting power!"

Hydration Check[]

  • "Did you drink your 8 glasses today? If not, here's one on the house, okay?"

Gains From The Scrap[]

  • "Time for a much-needed boost! Sorry, bro, but it'll go to a good use!"

Personal Trainer[]

  • "Push yourself to the limit and try this for a minute!"

Cog Gallery Dialogue[]

  • "Try and keep up, Toon."
  • "Look at these gains!"
  • "Are you looking for a gym membership?"


Defeating Count Erfit will reward Toons with Batcoin and Shkrafting Materials. The amount earned will vary by tier.


While strategies can vary for every tier, some important things that should be kept in mind when attempting this fight are:

  • Count Erfit's self damaging cheats can largely speed up the fight. This becomes even more prominent in Phase 2 where Erfit can begin to deal quadruple digit damage to himself using Personal Trainer.
  • His ability to Overheal other Cogs into Overcharge, causing to wake up faster if already Lured.
  • His Quake attack which will trigger if Erfit either has no more Cogs to delete with Gains From The Scrap or if Erfit has already used Gains From The Scrap in the same turn. Toons taking on lower tier Erfits should take extra care to avoid this attack as the damage dealt by this attack is a consistent 25 across every tier, making it much more harmful to lower leveled Toons.
    • It is possible for Quake to take buffs from the Ripped effect or be used more than once, potentially making this attack even more dangerous.
  • Prestige Throw has some notable use in this fight due to how high Count Erfit's HP can be.


  • Hydration Check is the only Cog cheat that actually benefits Toons no matter if the Toon catches the glass of water or not.
  • When Count Erfit went into his second phase, he used to do a set amount of damage depending on how much of the Ripped status effect he had, which was impossible to dodge. This was considered a bug and eventually patched out.
  • Count Erfit is one of the seven minibosses to have a unique voice. The other six are Sads the Skelecog, Redd 'Heir' Wing, and the four members of The Litigation Team.
  • Before fighting Count Erfit in his room, one can see a Bloodsucker in its place before he is squished by the Count.
    • This Bloodsucker's appearance is the original model from Toontown Online.
    • If a glitch is used to walk around during this cutscene, the Bloodsucker's nametag can be clicked on. Clicking on it's nametag will reveal that it only has 10 HP.
  • Count Erfit is the only v2.0 Cog in the game to gain HP upon entering his second form rather than lose HP.
    • However due to Gags dealing 340% damage to Erfit in his second form, he effectively still has less HP than his first phase.
  • Count Erfit's second phase, at Tier 5, is the first and only instance of a Cog to reach over 10000 HP.
    • This also makes him the Cog with the highest amount of health in the game, although the Scapegoat has the highest amount for a non-event Cog, with 4500 HP.
    • Under the ordinary Cog HP formula, a Cog would have to be level 99 to exceed 10000 HP (10100 HP). An Executive Cog would have to be level 81 to exceed 10000 HP (10209 HP). However, no Cog exists beyond level 50.
      • For Specialist Cogs, a normal Operations Analyst would have to be level 98 to exceed 10000 HP (10098 HP), and an Executive would have to be level 80 (10206 HP). An ordinary Field Specialist would have to be level 100 (10101 HP), and an Executive would have to be level 82 (10210 HP).
  • Count Erfit's position as third cousin twice removed means that he is the grandson of Count Erclaim's 3rd cousin.
  • Count Erfit is based off the muscular planet Pluto from the game OMORI, mainly due to Phase 2 as a whole.
    • One of Erfit's starting phrases before initiating Phase 2 is based off of Pluto's defeated phrases.
    • "GOLDENFLEX" is the name of Phase 2's theme, referencing Pluto's "GOLDENVEGENCE".
  • Prior to the v1.2.7.3 update, Count Erfit could only summon Tier 8 Cogs. This led to Tier 1 Count Erfits being able to spawn Level 7 Tier 8 Cogs. As their damage values are non-existent, they underflow right into their Level 50 values, causing massive amounts of damage.

A group of Level 7 Tier 8 Cogs in a Tier 1 Count Erfit